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What is Binomo? Is Binomo a scam or legit online trading platform? In this Binomo review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this trading platform.

The Binomo platform began its work in 2014. Having entered the market as a newcomer with a standard trading terminal, the company has changed significantly in just a year. A unique platform was developed, many errors in the terminal were fixed, functionality was significantly expanded.

official binomo site

However, in 2015, this trading platform was recognized as the best investment platform for the novice. And a year later, at the IAIR Awards it has been awarded as the best trading platform of the year. And since then onward, it has dominated the online trading market.

Binomo works with clients all over the world also in India. With more investors (both new and experienced) investing there every day. You can also make a move today and earn from this platform.

Binomo platform available in Hindi.

The Binomo trading terms overview

The primary objective of the Binomo platform is to provide enabling trading conditions for new investors and traders. This is because these people are always afraid of taking a risk in investing in online trade.

Primarily because they’ve little knowledge about online trading. Or because they’ve heard much negative information regarding online trading.

But the main focus of the company Binomo is a provision of beneficial trading conditions for novice traders. With a deposit of 5$ or its equivalence in the Indian rupee, traders can make an investment. Investment in one transaction is from 1$.

Minimum threshold for a real deposit is only 10 dollars.

Trading conditions

  • Deposit — Binomo offers a minimum investment of 10 dollars or its equivalent in local currency.
  • Payment System — platform also has a flexible transaction option. Traders can deposit using their bank cards or other deposit options.
  • Payment Terms — up to 3 business days for standard accounts.
  • Рercentage of profit on contracts — up to 90% (in case of correct forecast).
  • Mobile trading — there are terminals for iOS and Android.
  • Expiration dates (duration of contracts) — from 1 to 60 minutes.

Funds can be withdrawn only to those payment methods which traders use to make a deposit.

Types of contracts

subscribe to binomo broker offers few types of contracts that’re differentiated based on their duration or expiration period. But a platform specialises in high/low trading. Expiration dates (duration of contracts) — from 1 to 60 minutes.

The profitability of classic contracts is up to 90% (in case of correct forecast).

Percentage of profit on contracts

If traders make a perfect forecast, they can earn up to 90% profit of their investment. Expiration dates (duration of contracts) depend on the trader’s selected option. If the client of India chooses the turbo contract, this will run for a maximum of 5 minutes. While the FTT («above/below») runs up to 60 minutes.

Mobile trading

Binomo has an official APP that’s supported by iOS and Android. This APP is available on Google Play and Apple Store for download. Contrary to the APK, that’s the official application. The functionality of the platform is identical to the mobile terminal.

The official website of the trading platform —

Additional advantages of using

  • Binomo platform provides the availability of professional analytics for users.
  • It also offers favourable bonuses in the form of additional trading funds, position insurance and free deals. Plus there’s also a tournament with real prize pools of large volume.
  • Again, on the Binomo platform, traders can trade at weekends.
  • A newbie can start the practice by using the platform’s Demo option. And if it works in their favour they can invest with a real fund. This is an option that’s rarely available on other online trading platforms.
  • In furtherance, Binomo users (Gold and VIP) also have the privilege of working with their personal managers. And the best of it is, if investors own a Gold or VIP accounts, he’s entitled to cashback.

Trading platform

Since 2015, Binomo has been using an internally developed terminal interface that’s simple and appealing to every beginner. While experienced traders instead use a scalable 4-mode graph, 14 indicators. Plus about 30 tools for graphical analysis.

Features of the terminal:

Features of the Binomo terminal:

  • 60+ assets (depending on account status);
  • multi-mode (no restriction on a number of transactions);
  • large selection of indicators and tools;
  • interface with several independent tabs;
  • interface is made in dark contrasting colours.

Additionally, there are terminals for iPhone and Android.

Traders tournaments

leading binary options broker binomo

The Binomo is one of the best platforms every novice and experienced trader who wishes to maximize their investment should visit. This company offers competitive benefits for their clients.

Additionally, they also always hold tournaments among their traders. Prize fund depends on a type of event and ranges from 300$ in free contests to 70,000$ and higher in paid ones. From 20 to 70 prize places give everyone a chance to earn additional income.

Reasons why clients of India should use the Binomo platform?

  • Binomo platform is real and transparent for investment.
  • Registration on the platform is also very fast.
  • Clients can earn additional income on the platform if they make the right forecast.
  • Again, Binomo has a demo account where beginners can test strategies before making a normal trade.
  • The more investment traders make, the greater they can earn additional income.


Using the Binomo platform as an online trading centre is good for every trader (both newbie and expert). This is due to a lot of benefits the official website comes with. Including their exceptional comfortability and ease to operate.

They also offer prompt payment that varies and depends on the payment method. Again, investor’s funds are safe thanks to the commission’s compensation fund which covers up to 20,000€ per claim.


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  1. Liquid

    Everything is good, everything works and there is no problem with trading. Pleased. But the support work does not always suit me. Personally, it seemed to me that some guys suffer from incompetence in some issues. It would be necessary to radically raise their level. It’s a good thing to deal with such people only occasionally, mostly very professional specialists work for them. For many, the service is not in last place for obvious reasons, but the issue with some “specialists” somehow needs to be addressed. If this moment is not taken into account, while Binomo is one of the best options for working with BO.

  2. Brad Pitt

    Most of all I like that there is a demo account on Binomo where you can test strategies. I checked in this way a lot of different tactics, and many of them turned out to be unprofitable. And if there wasn’t a demo, you would have to lose real money.

  3. Moto35

    While trading on Binomo. The site is convenient in the sense that registration is very fast (without glitches) and in terms of the simplicity of the work itself. All conditions are clearly and spelled out, there are no problems with depositing or withdrawing money. You can use different payment systems. You can trade already with $10, but it is better to proceed from the fact that for a normal turnover at least a hundred are needed for the first time.

  4. Sanchoz

    I was tired of working in the office, so I started trading on Binomo, and I have never regretted it, the binary options market is capable of changing lives, but you need to understand how this market works.

  5. John M

    This binary options market carries increased risks, but if you can trade or use the recommendations of more experienced traders, you can get really good profit. In general, as in any other market, the main thing is to do everything right.

  6. Glue

    Today, it is not so easy to find a decent broker that offers options. It seems that even previously considered decent offices slipped to the level of dubious office. Traded binaries a year ago in several companies. Now it was necessary to give up almost all – some options removed completely, others with conditions wise and drain. Today I am trading options only on Binomo. They are still afloat, if you correctly guess the time of trading, then the profitability is normal and they withdraw money all the same promptly as before. I hope that at least here and further they will give trading binars normally, as in the good old days

  7. Mark

    I knew what is binomo trading
    I use binomo demo

  8. Kilor

    5 years in trading. So far I haven’t found a better platform than binomo’s. I have been working on it for 3 years, everything works for me.

  9. Joklin

    Binomo is a pretty respectable company that’s been in business for a long time. Those who say it is a scam, most likely, never even signed up there. They honestly pay out traders’ earnings, you can see a lot of proof online.

  10. Gren

    I’ve been working with the binomo platform for a relatively long time. One of the factors when choosing to trade on this platform was the ability to earn on weekends, because at that time I was working on weekdays.

  11. Paj

    Lots of handy chart analysis tools. I use RSI very effectively. Positive statistics.

  12. Egeiss

    I really like the opportunity to invest in one transaction just $1. It’s not a lot of money and it’s good for training.

  13. Gloster

    Every month I withdraw a portion of my profits, I have never had delays with withdrawals, 3-4 hours and the money’s on the card.

  14. Melton

    I really like the fact that binomo is legal in India, and it is an opportunity to make good money. And the bonuses on binomo are quite generous, and they make it possible to earn even more.

  15. Xexas

    Trading on Binomo is a relatively new type of business, which a person can get involved in with a rather small amount to start and increase it several times over at least. In the first year, I increased my balance almost 70 times over.

  16. Pers

    As far as I’m concerned, the trading conditions and binomo are some of the most profitable, especially for beginners, since the minimum trade amount is only one dollar, so you do not need to have a large budget to start trading.

  17. James Rose

    One of the best trading platforms out of those l have worked with, among its pluses is the large number of currency pairs, which makes it possible to swith to another asset if the need arises.

  18. Mert

    I’ve been trading for a year. I’m currently +103% on my initial deposit. The platform gives you the opportunity to earn.

  19. Markela

    Trading on Binomo has made many dreams come true. 🙂 Thanks to Binomo, I now have an additional source of income and I’ve started realizing my age-old desires without hurting the family budget:)

  20. Kler

    I’ve been trading with Binomo for six months, and so far I haven’t faced a single force majeure. Yes, I ruined my first two deposits totally, after I had first made profits, but my losses are definitely not Binomo’s fault, but only mine, since I traded without a specific strategy. And when I picked one on my demo account, I started trading only with a profit. Well, out of 10 days, I only get 1 or 2 with losses, the rest are all in the black territory.

  21. Kristian

    As far as l’m concerned, trading on binomo is one of the most convenient ways to make money on the internet, especially since there are lots of treining materials on this platform.

  22. Joshio

    Binomo is my favorite trading company. I have accounts with two other companies, but Binomo is my main account.

  23. Surim

    One of the biggest advantages of the binomo platform is the minimum trade amount, because not everyone can afford to spend large amounts.

  24. Fertil

    I trade on Binomo only when I have free time. But I can say that I make at least $200 a week on Binomo.

  25. Diker

    The binomo platform is completely legal, because it’s officially registered. It can also be used in India. I personally discovered this type of earning a year ago, and now I’m continuing to discover new strategies for myself.

  26. Ahmed

    I first learned about making money on forecasting the price of currency pairs on the binomo platform, l tried working on other ones, but still came back. This is the only platform where l have never had any problems with withdrawing funds.

  27. Brandon

    Of course, it won’t be easy for a beginner who has just entered the world of trading and opened an account on Binomo, but that’s only during the first stage. As soon as the trader learns the trading platform with the help of a demo account, they will immediately get some good results, and if they develop their own strategy, the trader can gradually make some quite decent earnings. The main thing in trading is time, you will definitely not be able to make money right away.