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For effective online trading on brokerage platforms, quality auxiliary tools are needed. Using the original signal indicator “The New Signal Alert” allows finding the most successful moments for promising transactions.

The simple and affordable functionality of this indicator makes it easy to use even for novice traders. It does not redraw the input signals, which is convenient for working not only in operations with binary options but also in transactions with “classic” types of assets.

The New Signal Alert: features of binary options trading

original signal indicator The New Signal Alert

The operation of this signal indicator is based on the analysis of the fluctuation rates of pulses (ticks), therefore it is recommended to use it for trading with the expiration term of more than 15 minutes. It is able to perfectly “work out” even short-term rollbacks in the value of assets.

Professional traders use it in tracking quotes of currency pairs and raw materials with a high level of volatility.

The New Signal Alert indicator settings and signals on graphs

The New Signal Alert indicator settings and signals on graphs

The inclusion of this auxiliary tool allows to receive informative signals in the form of points of the corresponding colour on the binary options chart:

  • A red dot indicates an operation (Put).
  • Green – the moments for the acquisition of options (Call) are indicated;

The developer of this auxiliary trading tool added convenient options to this indicator. It is possible to set the corresponding parameter in the settings, which will ensure the parallel output of an audio signal when a signal appears on the graph image. You can also set the simultaneous sending of the corresponding message to the email of the trader.

Since the indicator works with long time intervals (more than M15), such additional sound effects and e-mail messages will help the trader to respond in a timely manner to an incoming signal

Using signals on the indicator The New Signal Alert

Using signals on the indicator The New Signal Alert

Experienced merchants, working with The New Signal Alert, apply it for 3-4 candles. For example, with expiration in 15 minutes, you can set the time frame to M5. Although the indicator works out quite well all fluctuations in value, professionals say that it sometimes “lags” by 1-2 candles. That is after the peak value of the price appears, the next candle is already displayed on the screen, which is already above (below) the extremum point, and only at that moment, a signal point of the corresponding colour can appear. This leads to some losses in the level of profit that could be earned by closing a deal at peak value.

Because of these “slips” experienced traders are advised to follow the signals from The New Signal Alert only within the direction of movement in the market. The simplest option is to trade on the dominant trend. For example, working with M5, you can occasionally look at H1, tracking what changes there are. If signs of a clear trend are visible, then only transactions with Call options should be carried out on signals, and all Put points should be simply ignored.

Using this tool, you can increase the performance of transactions well.

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