It’s normal to be in search of a broker. As we all know, we cannot access the market for trading ourselves, but we can always do that with the help of a broker. A broker is an individual or firm that behaves as an intermediary between an investor and a securities exchange. Brokers provide services that are compensated by either commission, fees, or any other method. Forex brokers, however, are firms that give traders access to a platform that allows the buying and selling of currency pairs and all other things.

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A lot goes into choosing the right broker mainly because of the competitive market nature. For new traders, it can be very puzzling to make that choice. There are basic things that you need to weigh to choose the broker that best suits you. Examples are security, transaction costs, deposits and withdrawal, trading platform, execution, and customer service. Fortunately, FxPro beats a lot of those standards. What is FxPro?


FxPro is one of the top leading forex and CFD brokers, founded in the year 2006. They serve traders from over 150 different countries around the globe. The broker also offers both ECN and dealing desks access, whichever the trader prefers. Its group Ltd owns the FxPro trading brand. Several subsidiaries manage the brand in several places. There’s also a FxPro profit calculator, also called the stop loss / take profit calculator. This FxPro forex calculator helps you determine the price levels to use for stop loss / take profit. It also helps determine the number of pips and the value of each pip before making a trade.

The broker provides traders with the necessary tools to make the maximum level of profit. They offer competitive spreads, a good selection of trading assets, reliable and efficient trading platforms, and a secured trading environment. Apart from the provision of a superb trading platform, they also have blogs and an economic calendar, which is more useful to new traders or fundamental traders that only trade market events.


As a trader or a prospective one, you need to find a great broker. A proper forex broker like the FxPro forex broker doesn’t scam traders in any way. This broker is reliable and viable. How do I know that this broker is not a scam? First, functional and reputable brokers always respond to traders, which is what they do. FxPro also has a background that proves its legitimacy thanks to its operational services. If you’re hoping to tread carefully in the world of trading, you have this broker to support you.


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To open a Fxpro live trading account, all you have to is to go to the FxPro homepage or click here. After getting into the home page, the next step is clicking the big “Join now” button. After clicking the join now link, you’d be required to fill in specific details like; your country, first name, last name, e-mail address, and password. After filling up the first form, you’d be directed to fill in your residential address; street & number, postal/zip code, and city/town. Below that, you’d fill up your details; your date of birth, phone number (the one you can verify), and nationality.

The next thing you’d be required to fill will be your employment information. You’d be required to choose your employment status, industry, and level of education. Under financial details, you’d be required to fill in the following fields; annual income, net worth, source, and amount. The next form to fill after that is your Trading Experience form; you’d be required to answer a couple of foundational questions.


To Sign in to your account via FxPro Direct, follow the following necessary steps: Click the ‘Sign In’ button, and you can log in with your registered e-mail and password. Using the FxPro WebTrader, on the top left of your screen, click the ‘File’ and ‘Login to trade’ buttons. After clicking, a box will ask you for your primary login information, i.e., your login and password.


It’s essential and easy to verify for an account with the broker. To verify your account, you’d be asked to provide any of the following: ID Card, Passport, or Driver’s License. Note that you’d have to take pictures of both the front and back of your ID. After providing that information, you’d be required to provide any additional data by showing proof of residence. It is all to keep you safe and secure on the platform.


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I wouldn’t call this ‘delete’; I’d instead prefer to see this as ‘remove.’ So, to remove your account, just take these simple steps: Hover over the account in the dropdown list of accounts, click the ‘x’ button, and your account will be removed once you choose the ‘yes’ option in the red button.


To create a FxPro Demo Account, click the FxPro cTrader – Create Demo Account’ on the main menu option on the Account Bar. Next, you would be required to fill in a couple of fields to provide the following information: Name, E-mail, Country, Phone number, Deposit (Virtual amount), Currency, and Leverage. After filling up all these required fields, click the ‘I Agree, Create Account’ green button. Once you have followed through with that, all information will be processed. You would be redirected to sign in to FxPro. Credentials for your demo account will be forwarded to your e-mail address during the account creation.

Using MetaTrader 4, a platform for trading, you can log in to create a FxPro demo account on MetaTrader 4. Just go to the menu at the top left of your screen and ensure you click ‘file,’ then login to trade. Fill in your login, password, and server. Please note that this would have been sent to your mail upon account creation.


These Brokers strongly believe in giving their investors the freedom to deposit at will. They also strongly advise making a minimum deposit of $500. To make deposits to your FxPro account, log in to your FxPro Direct then go to “deposit funds.” Upon clicking ‘deposit funds,’ there are usually about eight available methods; Credit cards, Bank wire transfer, PayPal, eWallets, Skrill, CasuU, FasaPay, and Neteller, among others.
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Commission charges are just on FX pairs and Spot Metals on the cTrader platform. They charge bout $45 per million USD traded, which is a relatively fair amount.


The FxPro Indicator has two colors; red and green. The green color indicates the bulls are dominating the market, and the red shows the bears are dominating the market. What are the buying conditions when using this indicator? Listed below, are some buying conditions when using this indicator:

  • It has to be green
  • The indicator should be below the level of fifty.
  • Ensure you place your stop below the recent swing low.
  • Make sure to take profit when the indicator turns red.

Selling conditions:

  • It has to be red.
  • The indicator level should be above fifty.
  • Place your stop above the recent swing high.
  • Make sure to take profit when the indicator turns green.

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On FxPro, there’s something referred to as EA. You always have to ensure that it works correctly. EA helps avoid bad decisions and prevents you from being greedy and fearful. To ensure your FxPro EA is functioning correctly, check if your EAs are enabled on the platform (e.g., MT4). To do this, check the top left corner of the toolbar; is the ‘AutoTrading’ button green or red? If the button is red, it isn’t enabled. To enable it, click the button and ensure it changes to green.


You can trade commodities, precious metals, indices, stocks/shares, and CFDs by opening a FxPro MT4 fixed spread account. It offers features such as; STP execution model. The highest leverage is 1:500, and the spread is fixed from 1.7 pips.


There’s a wide range of withdrawal options that FxPro provides. Withdrawal on FxPro is straightforward to process, and it only takes a business day. All you have to do is; log in to FxPro Direct and place a withdrawal request. If you have any withdrawal problems, their customer care support is always there to listen to your complaints. One amazing thing is; there is a FxPro Debit Card that can be used anywhere a MasterCard is accepted.


FxPro has a good reputation in areas dealing with its mobile apps. They offer both Android and iOs applications for trading, for both mobile and tablet devices. There are about three leading FxPro mobile apps: The FxPro MT4 for mobile, MT5 for mobile, and FxPro cTrader for mobile. These apps are all reliable, and they also open doors to a large number of features, which include; browsing the EA library, setting up signals and alerts, managing your positions from widgets in your smartphone, and getting commentary on the USD.


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There are a million reasons why one would want to reach out to his or her broker. Some contact them for the sake of complaints, and some for support. Whichever reason it is you have for wanting to reach out, you could do so by e-mail, live chat, or directly over the phone.

Address 1: FxPro UK Ltd: 13/14 Basinghall Street, City of London, EC2V 5BQ, UK

Address 2: FxPro Financial Services Ltd: Karyatidon 1, Ypsonas 4180, Cyprus

Address 3: Administrative Office: 26, Boulevard des Moulins, Monaco, 98000

Address 4: FxPro Global Markets Ltd: Lyford Financial Center, PO Box N 7776, Nassau, Bahamas

E-mail: info@fxpro.com

Call: +44(0)2031515550 [Available 24 hours, five days in a week]


A vast majority of traders are very comfortable with FxPro’s withdrawal methods and the whole withdrawal system. FxPro has proven to be a premium site for traders to trade currency pairs, CFDs, indices, gold, shares, silver, oil, bitcoin, and the likes. Although a few traders complain about site blockage and the likes, the general overview of this broker is excellent.

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