Nadex Mobile App- Does it have all the necessary tools?


Technology has brought us closer to things which we couldn’t even imagine 10 years back. One of the revolutionary gadgets that has become a part and parcel of day-to-day life are the smartphones. At present, around 3.5 billion smartphones are active. And it means, one in two persons is having one in his/her possession. With a smartphone in hand, it’s possible to get connected to the world of “information technology”.

Smartphone app developers are now busier than ever in developing the apps targeting a selected group of people for different purposes. One of such apps is the “Nadex mobile app” which was developed primarily for the online traders to facilitate the binary options.

Overview of ‘Nadex mobile app’

nadex mobile app

Before we move on to the details of ‘Nadex app’, it’s important to know what a ‘binary option’ means. It’s a financial tool with which either a purchaser receives some extra amount or loses an amount based on the expiry of options. The outcome depends on a ‘yes or no’. To be more exact, a buyer has to choose between a ‘yes or no’ for a stock for certain time at a certain date. If the prediction turns out to be correct, he/she receives an extra amount based on the chosen spread. For the reverse case, he/she loses that amount of money.
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Nadex, the pioneer of CFTC (Commodity Future Trading Commission)-regulated exchange where traders from its international members including U.S.A can legally trade at the world-market. ‘Nadex app’ was developed in a way that the users can get all the facilities in a smartphone similar to a website. Even though the risk factor will be defined before a trade, it will always be limited. The fund can easily be transferred to the account from a debit card and a user can always start with a very low balance.

How to download and use the ‘Nadex mobile app’

Nadex is the short form of ‘North American Derivatives Exchange’. So it’s clear that the people of a few specific areas will be able to get access to this platform. If a trader is one of the people from one of those specific locations and an android user, he/she’ll get ‘Nadex android app’ at the ‘Google Play-Store’. For an iPhone/Microsoft-phone user, this app will be available at “i-Store” or “Microsoft store”. After installing the ‘Nadex mobile app’, one has to sign-up before using it. However, if the user already has an account opened through the computer or other platform, then he/she can simply sign-in.
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After signing in, the first thing a user notices is the ‘available balance’ and ‘total profit & loss’ amount at the top of the screen. At the bottom, he/she will find an option named as ‘market’. Upon clicking on it, he/she will find ‘binary options’ page where the person has to pick the time, either 5 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on his/her requirement to make a decision. Just after that, trading options for different currencies will be visible i.e. AUD/USD, EURO/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY etc. and a user has to pick one from that list to move forward.

What are the ‘Pros & Cons’ of using a ‘Nadex App’?

At present, there are hundreds of online trading apps available in the different app stores, and most of them are just scams. One of the good reasons to trust the Nadex platform or ‘Nadex app’ is because of its CFTC certification. Unlike other platforms, here all the transactions are being executed with transparency and accountability. Besides, Nadex guarantees the performance of each trade and thus, it eliminates the counter-party risks. However, there are some other pluses and minuses which a user should know before using this binary trading platform.
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  1. The user interface is quite easy to understand.
  2. Topnotch educational resources are available which could be helpful for the beginners to understand the ways of trading.
  3. Nadex has the best tools and charts which are required for an advanced technical analysis.
  4. It offers an “exit option”, with which a user can quit the trade to avoid risking or losing the invested money.


  1. Even though a user can deposit the amount of money to his/her account for free, he/she will be charged during the withdrawal if it’s done through wire-transfers.
  2. A user will have limited choices between asset classes.
  3. Through exchange, a user isn’t allowed to trade the stocks.

Is a ‘Nadex trading robot’ useful?

nadex trade bot

Now is the era of artificial intelligence. ‘Nadex trading robot’ is one of such inventions which could make the trading decisions on its own and can help its user. This ‘Nadex trade bot’ can complete a total of 100 trades in a span of 24 hours. Most importantly, a user doesn’t need to about binary trading to use such a Nadex auto-trader.

Here are some of the features of a ‘Nadex Trading robots’-

  1. It initiates trades automatically.
  2. It has a build-in money (deposit) protection which is governed by its ‘money-management intelligence’.
  3. It can mitigate the risks through ‘risk-management’.
  4. It always follows a low-risk strategy.
  5. It has the ability of non-stop trading.
  6. Unlike human, it’s response to trading isn’t emotional, rather it’s calculated.


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Online trading through ‘binary options’ has become one of the most popular platforms to invest money and maximize the earnings. Centering this area, a number of organizations have evolved over time. And due to a huge number of trading platforms, it becomes quite difficult for a user to choose the best or the right one for him/her to invest. Nadex, one of the binary trading organizations that has started its journey few years back with a clear intention, and that is to ensure transparency and accountability. Besides, it included the advanced charting tools and trading tools in both its website and ‘Nadex mobile app’. Unlike others, Nadex offers the best educational resources to educate its users, and the resources gets updated time to time. Lastly, a user can get started with a very low deposit amount which is a hundred U.S. Dollars.

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