What is binomo trading?

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Binomo is a platform you can trust , binomo app is providing various services for traders from around the world in the field of online trading. It is possible to find both positive and negative binomo reviews on different forums about trading.

binomo fraud is true or lies

Binomo invest trade

To understand whether the Binomo trade is real or fake  or it  is a scam or not, actually, it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Since May, 2018 the Binomo trade is a member of the category “A” of the International Finance Commission. It shows the reliability of the Binomo trade, and also ensures that traders get the highest quality of services and transparency of relations in the field of trading. Information on membership of the Binomo trade in the Finance Commission is published on the home page of the company’s website binomo.com where the numbers of the relevant certificates are specified.
  • Each user is offered to get acquainted with all the terms and conditions of the Client agreement, when registering on Binomo website or Binomo app . Such a document shall enter into force after making a minimum Deposit of $ 10, € 10, or the equivalent to $ 10 (depends on account type) on trading account (clause 5.2. of the Client agreement). By doing so, the trader confirms that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions of the Client agreement.
  • The information that the Binomo trade is the property of the Dolphin Corp company, registered in accordance with the law of the Grenadines and St. Vincent (registration number 25151 IBC 2018) is specified in the Client agreement.

What is binomo trading?

Based on the above arguments, we can conclude that the Binomo traders is not a fraudulent organization. Because it has the official registration on the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In addition, the current activity of such a company is controlled by the International Finance Commission.

Is binomo safe?

How to identify scammers in the Binomo traders ? There are 10 basic characteristics that a binomo trade  is a real or fake company. Those characteristics are considered as such:

  1. A bogus website. If the website of binomo app and website are made in a slapdash style (lines “fly”, several letters are passed, everything is untidy and crooked), then this site is another Scam. In addition, if the site has less than 10 pages of text, it’s a normal landing.
  2. The broker’s fraudulent website contains a lot of suspiciously positive reviews, and heartbreaking stories from pensioners, disabled people, single mothers or the unemployed.
  3. The availability of guarantees about making a profit. No professional broker does not give a 100% guarantee of profit.
  4. If the broker sends spam about his website to mails1 time per day with “touting” topics like “a thousand a day”; or “bag of cash from the sky”, it is another scam.
  5. The presence of a large number of different patents, certificates and other documents with the words “approved” (“best project”) from various organizations also indicates that the site is fraudulent.
  6. Secret algorithm. All fraudulent sites are allegedly created on the basis of the various secret developments of banks, professional programmers, or authors themselves. All such algorithms are always incredible innovations and supposedly based on certain economic research. However, it’s all, in fact, a brazen lie.
  7. The brokers’ fraudulent sites lead traders to the same scammers very often (such as PlusOption, IG Investing, Daily Trades, TradeAllCrypto, Meta investing, Strade24, etc.).
  8. Faster, faster. If a video has been published on the broker’s website with touting phrases such as “Now your life can change dramatically”, “You are missing your chance”, “Click the login  button now and you can catch it” or “The number of places is limited”, then it’s obvious that the trader is in a hurry. This is done so that the client does not have time to think in time and come to the conclusion that all this is another scam and fraud

is binomo a scam

The following is a comparative table of a brokerage fraud-company and a Binomo broker.


Brokerage fraud-company





Operations are not regulated



Binomo’s current operations are officially regulated by the International Financial Commission


The parent company is not mentioned




Broker Binomo’s parent company is mentioned in the Customer Agreement. That is, the fact of registration of this organization is officially confirmed


Internal regulations indicate a conflict of interest


The client agreement is executed in full compliance with the interests of the company’s clients (traders)


No guarantee of withdrawal


Guarantees of compliance with financial obligations are specified in clause 2.3 of the Client Agreement

Thus, the activity of the Binomo broker is aimed at providing services in the online trading industry. At the same time, the company does not violate the legal rights and interests of clients.

How much can you earn on Binomo?

The amount of earnings on Binomo depends directly on several factors. One of the main is the choice of an appropriate financial asset.

It’s important! So, when using various Binomo app   strategies on the basis of the behavior of the trend you should make a choice in favor of individual currency pairs with volatility (for example, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY or GBP/USD). These currencies belong to a number of high-yield assets with large time intervals, therefore, their behavior is more predictable.

In the case of application of channel trading you should use slow-moving currency pairs, because time of transaction is shorter here (in particular, NZD/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP or AUD/USD). Shares of Google and Apple corporations also have preferential smoothness in the channel.

For reference! Maximum income for 1 deal is 90% (in case of correct forecast). According to clause 7.3.1 of the Client agreement, the minimum amount of the transaction on the Binomo trading platform is 1 dollar, 1 Euro or 100, and the maximum is $ 1,000, 1,000 euros.

binomo scammers

Moreover, such a financial asset shall meet the following requirements:

  1. A financial asset must be high-yield (for example, EUR/USD).
  2. The time of execution of the first transaction (contract) with the currency pair should be equal to 3 minutes.
  3. The minimum cost of the trade is equal to 1 US dollar (1 Euro, local currency).

Strategies don’t guarantee 100% successful result. Moreover, the trader should not overestimate the value of the first contract. After all, the price of each subsequent trade in the series depends on it. In addition, before trading on the Binomo trading platform you should look at a calendar of economic events for various important news in the coming days.

As a result, the Binomo broker is the trading platform which has no characteristics of fraud. You can earn additional income here. However, a novice trader should start with EUR/USD pair, deals on $ 1 and with expiration in 3 minutes per 1 contract.

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    binomo real or fake?

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    mihciel bultynck

    i want to try this broker but can someone show me that its no a scam?

  3. Avatar
    Koo Vietz

    This is straightforward scamming. Y’all be stupid to believed this can help you get rich. All trading techniques requires excessively amount of studies and practice to achieve the income you desires, but still have little risk. It take alota of experiences to become successful.

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    milind pant

    I’m using Binomo as my trading platform and I’m satisfied with their service.
    In Quarantine, Its a very good option to earn working from home

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    GooseMan 161

    I don’t know the guys! I don’t praise and do not obsess, but I’m fine and I get and take out money without any problems. A couple of times it was making money, and after a couple of hours everything was put to a conclusion without a single transaction and all the rules flew

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    Tony Tony

    After I quit my office job, I continued my online earnings career, and the binomial platform was my best source of income.

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    Starting with a large sum is silly, you need to learn small

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    Kawed Olihe

    I started working on binomo when I first saw this platform on YouTube, and I have already repeatedly seen the reality of making money on binary options.

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    Plefac Dnabet

    Most of those who speak negatively about binomos and other brokers have lost money simply because they do not know how to trade. Although in general, earnings are quite real.

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    Binomo is a great platform. Whoever writes nonsense is a loser … I personally raised 10,000 from 500. The conclusion is instant. 1,000,000 classes of this platform

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    goodcat badcat

    love Binomo for simplicity and practicality

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    Deepesh Kumar

    It’s a fantastic experience using binomo for me on binomo

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