Features, Benefits, and Types of Tournaments on Binomo

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Binomo Company is one of the most reliable online trading platforms in the financial sector. It is one of the best online trading platforms to have successfully acquired lots of clients in many countries trading consistently. Both beginners and experienced users can get additional income on the trading platform. But what else are its advantages?

What is Binomo?

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Binomo is a unique online trading platform that has the official website https://binomo.com/ and its mobile application. This trading platform has been translated into more than 15 languages, including the ability to create a user’s account.

Binomo is a great online trading platform to earn additional income. Within just a minute, you can make up to 90% profit when you give a correct forecast. With this trading platform, you can benefit from the price fluctuations.

These price fluctuations do come with their risks as well. If your forecast is not correct, you can lose a lot of your funds at once too. So be aware of the possible risks.

Binomo offers various platform tools you can use both for Android and iOs. Just download the mobile application from the play store by searching for the app Binomo and you can download the app from the official Binomo website. Don’t forget that you can make use of the website even on your mobile devices. The Binomo website is mobile-friendly and can be used for the same purposes.

Binomo- your honest trading partner.

Binomo is one of the most attractive company because:

  • Has a high level of reliability and safety;
  • Provides a demo account and free training;
  • Establishes simple conditions for entry.

So, the trading platform normally refers to any amount deposited to the account for real trading. However, the minimum threshold for trading is only $ 10 while logging in is absolutely free.

Among other advantages of Binomo is the opportunity to earn extra income on an affiliate program. Here interesting events and tournaments are constantly held. You can open a demo (training) account during registration and get a free virtual deposit of $1000 for demo trading with no real deposit transactions.

The Binomo broker has not just become a platform for trading online for several hundreds of thousand traders. Today, representatives of 130+ countries are actively trading on the platform. The secret of Binomo is that they do not default with the rules, do not use fraudulent schemes for earning or withdrawing funds.

The developers of the site will not come up with any special trading strategies or schemes for making the correct forecast. Here everyone who is ready to actively and responsibly understand the essence of online trading can really earn some additional income.

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Tournament Features on Binomo

If you are interested in a tournament, you can sign up for it before you can get access to this type of account. But trading only commences when the tournament has started. You also have to use a special tournament currency that is called a tournament token.

The trading platform regularly holds tournaments, which all users can take part in. International competitions between traders are held on a paid and free basis. In this tournament, they are somewhat reminiscent of team interzonal competitions, such as chess or another sport.

But such events at Binomo are world-class contests. After all, every user has a right to take part in them, regardless of the country in which they are located. The conditions are equal for everyone!

Only that the Binomo tournament is a special event that has several features:

  • You can sign up for a tournament in advance;
  • Special accounts have been created for tenders (they cannot be compared with demo or real deposits);
  • A conventional special currency is used to open transactions, which cannot be replaced with dollars, euros, or your local currency;
  • Traders can rebuy as many times as they want on a special account.

Usually, the cost of participating in a tournament is fixed. Therefore, if desired, each user will choose the most suitable option for himself, starting from the format, type of event, and financial capabilities.

Why are tournaments at Binomo attractive?

Why do many traders seek to test their trading skills in such competitions? The secret of tournaments lies in the fact that Binomo is a very reliable broker with an International Financial Commission membership. Therefore, it is not worth worrying about the integrity of such competitions.

A fairly new avenue with its unique functionality is also attractive because it holds tournaments on a regular basis. Each competition is organized clearly and competently; all conditions are predefined. But if something remains incomprehensible for the trader, you can always contact the site managers via the support chat on the site and email. They will explain to you about any difficult questions.

You should also note that even if there are no funds in your account and you clicked on the “Sign up” button for a paid tournament-your funds will be charged when you deposit automatically. After that, you still have to return to the tournament page and press the “Sign up” button again.

Depending on the type of event, Its prize amount varies from $39 to $40,000+ for updated information, read the “Tournaments” section on the Binomo official website. It is also attractive that there is an opportunity to get the prize for more than just 1 or 2-3 participants. Usually, there are many successful participants at this trading platform’s tournaments.

Binomo schedule and competition lists

Other benefits of Binomo tournaments come down to:

  • Opportunities for beginners to participate;
  • The availability of free contests;
  • Transparent conditions;
  • Tournament options at Binomo.

What competitions are organized at Binomo? The list of tournaments on the platform is quite impressive. Among the most popular options stand out “Daily Free” and “WeekEnd.” You can see all active tournaments in your Binomo Trading room.

Daily Free is most popular because even if you have only a demo account, you can participate.

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    Binomo platfrom i have used it for some months now and I have gotten good results. It is a new entry in the Indian market, smartphone accessible, it has good customer support system 24/7 available. All my queries were resolved in 10 minutes. I recommend it to everyone.

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