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In the field of trading, it is very difficult to make good money without reliable and effective trading signals. To increase the effectiveness of transactions, professionals use a variety of types of signal indicators. The Baphett Technologies, constantly offering financial instruments for successful trading, has developed a unique Platinum indicator. It allows for raising the level of profitable trades to an incredible 90%.

Platinum Indicator Specifications for Binary Options

the Platinum indicator

Simple use of the indicator allows even beginners to work with it. After its inclusion on the asset quotation chart, arrows will be indicated that predict the trend reversal point.

Profile forums that discuss different types of similar trading instruments have found many similar moments in this indicator with another well-known analogue, Hunter Trend. The developers have improved the algorithms of this software product and a new updated version, with improved performance, called Platinum.

Settings Platinum and signals on charts

How to use the Platinum indicator
It has only 2 possible settings that traders can change during the trading process:

  • Arrows Gap – the distance between the chart and the arrow that shows the moment of entry to the candle;
  • Risk – risk level.

On the one hand, such a small number of available “adjustments” is very convenient for novice traders. Such a simple tool does not require “filigree” settings. It is enough to simply turn it on and look where the pointer “shows”.

But professionals understand that this also hides its drawback – the inability to “tailor” this indicator to specific market conditions or an asset

For the convenience of traders, this tool provides the ability to specify different colours of directional arrows, which can significantly increase its visibility.

How to use the Platinum indicator on binary options

Platinum settings
Initially, the creators of Platinum positioned it as a tool that helps in trading binary options. However, there are many messages from traders working on Forex who have successfully used it to work with real assets.

Theoretically, this instrument with an accuracy of 90% should set the arrow in the place of the chart where trend reversals are predicted. However, in reality, this indicator may be slightly lower, because in minimal terms of expiration the trader simply does not have time to respond in time to the received signal. When working on Forex with the Platinum indicator, the trader has the opportunity to manually close obviously unprofitable transactions at any time.

Professionals note that this tool is capable of filtering market noise well, providing high-quality indicators of changes in asset prices. There are also negative messages claiming that at some points the signal may “be late” by 2-3 candles on the chart. For example, if there was a real reversal, then the trader simply “does not have time” to take off all potential profit, since most of the price impulse has already been “passed”.

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