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Established in the year 2014, the company is managed by Inlustries Ltd, registered in Saint. This popular online broker offers digital options, CFDs, and forex trading through the internet. The best thing about the Olymp Trade is it always try to educate trader, and for that, it organizes training webinars every week. One can participate in the webinars without at cost. Every day, more than 25,000 users trade through this platform. On the other hand, more than 250,000 clients trade through this platform using their live accounts.
olymp trade app

To let the users enjoy a unique trading experience, Olymp Trade has enabled the traders to trade using both desktop and mobile platforms. Both the mobile Olymp trade app as well as Olymp trade desktop app comes with a perfect trading platform with an easy to use interface. You can easily download and install the app and start trading now. Now, let’s have a look at the Olymp trade app in detail.

About Olymp Trade app

Just like other well-known brokers, Olymp Trade provides its users with an easy to use the trading platform through its Olymp trade software developed for both mobile and desktop. It comes with a lot of unique features to help you in trading. The users can also watch the tutorial videos through the app. Olymp Trad platform is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate.

There is no need to spend your valuable time sitting in front of the computer, trying to know the best trading offer. Now, you can perform all such tasks safely. The Olymp Trade app enables users to do trading on the go.

The technical tools and resources that are seen in the desktop version can also be found on mobile. Besides, it works in real-time, offers real-time traders based on the traders’ locations. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How to download and install

Olymptrade App for Android devices

The app can work flawlessly on Android devices running on the latest Android OS. You don’t have to buy a high-end Android device to run this app, just grab a regular android device, and you are ready to get started with it.

To start using it, the android smartphone users need to download the Olymp Trade app from the Google Play Store. Just search for Olymp Trade, and click on install to begin the installation. Once done, you can find the app on your screen. Now you are ready to use the app.

OlympTrade App for iOS

download olymp trade for laptop

You can download and install the app on both your iPad and iPhone. For this, you need to download the add from the App Store. The app for iPhone is similar to the Android app.

After downloading the app, you need to put your login details to start using the app.

How to download and install the application on the PC or laptop

Olymp Trade has launched its official Olymp trade software for pc running on both macOS as well as Windows. The software is well-secured and comes with all the features that you will find in the app. Users can synchronize the data of both desktop and mobile apps.

Step 1: Visit the official site of Olymp Trade and navigate to the download section. There you will find Olym Trade for desktop. Down Olymp trade software based on your PC’s OS version, i.e., 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 2: Once the download gets completed, double click on the software. You will see a dialogue box. From there, choose Run. After the completion of the installation, you will see the Olymp Trade icon on the screen.

Step 3: Double click on it to launch the app. Put your username and password to bring out the trading interface. Now you are ready to go.

To download Olymp trade for and install it, follow the same process mentioned above.

Pros of Olymp Trade app

olymp trade software

  1. Olym Trade application, developed for both iOS and Android platform, comes with an easy to use interface. There is no compromise in quality.
  2. Users will enjoy the same functionality speed that they witness while suing the PC version. You can now easily carry out the withdrawal application submission with just a few clicks on the go. In the shortest possible time, you can complete the transfer of money to your e-wallet or bank card.
  3. The application supports thirteen different languages. So, the users don’t have to worry about any language restriction. Besides, you can also trade using 11 types of cryptocurrencies. The app opens up a wide range of trading possibilities.
  4. Using the app, you can get access to regular online trading statistics. If the price fluctuates, the app will instantly notify you. So, you can keep yourself updated about the slightest changes in the market.
  5. Want to start or close any deal? Using the app, you can do this instantly. Delay can cost money, but with the app, there will be no delay in this.
  6. You can use the mobile app to open the demo account, and you can strictly monitor your account.

Cons of Olymp Trade application

  1. Sometimes the users can face delays in payment. It can take around 1 to 2 business days.
  2. In one day, the users can only go for only a few trades. Around 2 percent of the traders face such issues.
  3. Like other apps, it sometimes faces technical glitches.

Bot Olymp Trade

olymp trade desktop app

If you want to enjoy more accurate trading, there is another app that you can use. You can also download a bot Olymp trade app called OlympBot, which let the users to the feature of the auto-trading mode. This is a unique tool that automates trade on the platform.

A completely automated program that is designed for Olymp Trade is an advanced robot. The robot doesn’t just monitor the market, but also open up contracts, make the decisions, and more. Further, the robot is designed to trade without trader involvement. You just handle the withdrawal task, and the rest will be managed by the robot.

Activation of the bot Olymp trade

To enjoy the maximum benefits of the feature, you need to activate it, and the process involves two simple steps.

  1. Step 1: To activate the Olymp Trade robot, firs, you need to register an Olymp Trade account.
  2. Step 2: You need to deposit USD 100 and above. The total amount that you need to deposit will be determined by the robot.

Trading strategies

olymp trade windows

  1. One win 

It has been observed that the robot frequently wins the first bet. If you lose the first bet, the robot will calculate the next ones. As per the experts, this strategy is good for a balance from USD 100 to USD 1000.

  1. Win every bet

As per this strategy, the robot can calculate the rates so that you will get a certain % of the initial trade assets. This can be a profitable strategy but also involves risks. The reason is this method takes a lot of time and a huge deposit. The recommended balance is USD 1000.

  1. OTA Signals   

The Olymp Tool Analytics involves the OTA algorithm to determines the direction’s trend based on the analysis of 8 technical indicators and 12 moving averages. This strategy can boost up the accuracy by around 7 percent. The trading activates only after the activation.

It may be noted that it is not directly connected with the platform, but it helps a lot to the traders. Before start using, it is advisable first to test it using your demo account, instead of a live account. You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Reviews of traders

bot olymp trade

  1. I have already used Olymp Trade windows software, and it works amazingly. Later I started using the mobile app of Olymp Trading and found it very useful and easy to use. It comes with a lot of features and tools. The platform is genuine. I used the app to learn trading with the Demo Account for at least one month. That helped me to understand nicely about the trading. Samuel Redick
  2. If you are really interested in the stock market, then the Olymp trade for windows and mobile phones can be very helpful for you. The app comes with a lot of useful features that have made trading a lot easier. It enables me to access a demo account with USD 10,000. Using the amount, I have learned a lot of things about investment. I would like to suggest every trader try this app for at least one time to witness the difference. – Jenifer Huzaify
  3. Olymp Trade is a legit online trading broker. It is not that much great like other trading apps, but I have earned decent profits using the app along with the bot Olymp trade app. Talking about the withdrawal, it got the amount credited to my bank account within just three working days. So, the overall experience is good. – Piero
  4. The app is very easy to use, and if lets me get all the information at my fingertip. I love its first notification features, which keep me update about the price fluctuation. Petra B. Carley

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  1. KWAMI Ipeghan

    After I installed olymp trade app on my laptop, I can’t see the icon on my desktop. Pls what should I do?

  2. Fabio Moore

    I chose this broker of the recommendation of a friend. An excellent broker, although not all trading instruments are presented, the list is quite enough. I have been trading sucessfully with them for 5 years now. I withdraw money once a week.
    One recommendation, do not forget about risk management, trade no more than 2 hours a day, and follow your strategy, do not let greed preval. I recommend the broker to everyone.
    Good luck

  3. Conrad Fuchs

    When I first registered here their web platform was the most attractive thing for me. I appreciated the possibility to trade with fixed amounts. Now I discovered even a more tempting thing. These are risk-free trades. This motivates me to become a VIP user. Even one long-term risk-free trade can make the difference, especially if you entered the market at the right time and place.

  4. Bishnu Bir

    This brokerage is really good for traiding. There are lots of perks of using this broker like olymp trade doesn’t have spreads which makes the trading workdflow much easier and clearer as you don’t need to calculate the spreads before opening a trade. They have a really interesting and convenient platform to trade both on the computer and on the cell phones. As for mobile app, that is one of the most convenient app for trading I have ever come across.
    That is essential because more often than not I am far from my computer but I still have to follow my trades and make decisions and it’s great that I can do some simple technicak analysis using my cell phone in order to make the most righous decision.

  5. Hendri Hidayanto

    I trade Forex here. Fixed-time is not for me. I’m really fascinated by their web platform. It’s much more convenient than any other trading platforms I have ever seen. It’s not overloaded with unnecessary elements unlike many other professional platforms. Here everything is hidden, but I can easily reach out to everything I need.

  6. Cengkir Mangunsong

    Olymp Trade broker has been working for a long time and I think I can completely trust. I want to say that I trade successfully here. Of course, it was difficult as first, but I can handle it and gain knowledge for successful trading.

  7. Rahman Nashiruddin

    Fixed Time Trades and Forex is a real market where professionals earn, and without knowledge and, most importantly, trading experience, it is impossible to make money in any business! This is not a game, this is a business, not the easiest. If you invest a million into the bisiness without understanding it, you will lose 98% of your money, right?
    I trade at Olimp Trade and in my experience I can say that it is quite possible to make money, but you have to remember the basic laws of the speculative market: money management, trading in accordance with the trend, etc. They write about it everywhere, but for some reason many people forget it, and then they cry on every corner saying that Forex is a scam! For those who want to start: get to know the theory on the Olymp Trade website, open a demo account and trade on it in the “+” at least a couple of mounths before you go to the real, then gradually, little by little moving to trade with Fixed Time Trades and then you will be able to tell about trading in financial markets.

  8. Utama

    Thanks for the review of Olymp Trade broker. I’ve been trading here since 2016, for a long time now. I came to trade here back when their proprietary trading app didn’t even have half of the features and capabilities that it has today.
    This is where I learned a lot and improved my trading strategy.
    I have stayed here because they offer an individual approach to every trader and when I have just started here I liked that my opinion was very important to them and they were willing to help me. And even after five years of trading with them and having thousands of clients, they tread me with so much respect, as if I was their only trader.