Scalping Strategies for Binary Options


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Scalping or aggressive options trading with a minimum expiration period at minimum market price fluctuations has always been considered the prerogative of professional traders. Indeed, to analyze narrow market ranges, you need to have deep professional knowledge and a delicate sense of the market. However, non-professional investors and newcomers to trading also often work in this mode, as it is well suited as a means of rapidly increasing trading capital. In order for online investors to be able to effectively engage in trading in the binary market, we offer several examples of scalping options systems that will be understandable to any market player and will allow getting the most stable results.

Graphical options scalping system

scalping strategies

When working in scalping mode, the main task of the trader is the quick identification of price reversals and the generation of short-term market forecasts for the correct registration of trading positions. As tools that can solve such problems of technical analysis, the most profitable and effective methods of trading on the graphical levels of the trend are highlighted. This approach allows getting an accurate forecast and a well-identifiable signal for opening an option, as well as high dynamics of trading operations. We offer the “Channel trading” strategy as a scalping system for options since in this mode the graphical strategy allows to issue options with any direction of forecasts, thereby increasing the profitability of the investor.

To start trading on this system, you need to carry out technical markup of the chart. To do this, you can use visual lines or a special graphic service for building channels of market fluctuations. We found such a tool on the terminal of the Binomo broker. To create a markup, it is necessary to carry out a simple operation: using the “Channel” service we connect the ledges and valleys of quotes formed by the price on the chart with a time frame of 30 seconds:

Graphic scalping system

Thus, we get the opportunity to generate high-precision signals for turbo options in the form of touching and reversing prices from channel levels:

Indicator strategy for scalping

The advantages of this scalping option system are maximum dynamics of trading operations (up to 20 options per hour), a well-identifiable signal, a high level of forecasting efficiency – up to 85% of profitable trading positions.

As technical parameters of channel strategy trading, we recommend using the following indicators:

  • Options expiration – 60-180 seconds.
  • Limitation of risks – 3% of the volume of capital.

Indicator strategy for scalping options

The next highly professional technique for assessing the market in scalping options is an indicator strategy, which is based on the use of two trend indicators MACD and RSI. This set of automatic technical analysis services allows not only generating accurate and correct signals for short-term options but also filtering false market indicators. This approach greatly simplifies the work of the trader in the market and leads to the formation of highly profitable trade statistics.

For the strategy to work, it is necessary to apply technical tools with the following settings to the asset quotes with a frequency of candlestick construction of 30 seconds:

  • MACD indicator – standard configuration.
  • RSI indicator with a marked scale level of 50 and a trend line period of 10.

After installing the technical analysis tools on the graph, you get the following technical markup:

Graphic scalping system

The signals of this scalping strategy for binary options are the following technical indicators:

  • The MACD oscillator showed the divergence of movings in a certain direction.
  • The line of the relative strength of the RSI trend crossed in a certain direction level 50.

We draw up contracts with turbo options in the direction of building signals of the indicator system:

Indicator strategy for scalping

The trading efficiency of an indicator strategy of this format is at least 86% of profitable trading positions, and the dynamics of trading operations are up to 25 options per hour.

The main technical requirements of the strategy include the following indicators:

  • Options expiration – 120-240 seconds.
  • Risk limitation – 5% of the amount of capital.

We have offered you scalping techniques with binary options, which are characterized by maximum simplicity and a high level of efficiency. These systems are as versatile as possible, which allows to work with them on any asset and at any time. We hope that our recommendations will help you in obtaining good results in the options market.

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