What are the user impressions of the Binomo mobile application: Actual reviews


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Binomo is one of the leading online trading platforms across the world. Binomo is a trusted name among the traders as it is very transparent in its transactions. The Binomo platform is regulated by the International Financial Commission and all of the risks of the clients are insured in accordance with the current laws, which makes it one of the safest trading platforms in the world. Trading on Binomo not only happens via the Binomo website but via the Binomo mobile app too. You can download the Binomo app and from the Playstore and App Store or you can get the Binomo apk file from the official website too. What is the consensus about Binomo?

Positive feedback on the Binomo app

reviews of traders about the binomo application

Many Binomo customers have positive feedback about the platform, which can be installed on gadgets that run on iOS and Android. In their reviews, the key factor that the customers note are:

  • Simplicity and high download speed
  • The ability to monitor account transactions at any time Availability of working strategies and indicators
  • Convenience to use

Also, users who have downloaded and installed the application on a smartphone or tablet, write that everything works fine. It is comfortable to trade and track transactions 24/7 with it.

Even for people who are new to online trading, Binomo comes across as an easy to understand platform. You can connect with them via chat or mail them at support@binomo.com for any assistance and get a response promptly  from the Binomo customer service team.

What are customers unhappy about?

how do they speak about the binomial app

As with every other product, some are not that happy unlike the rest. There are some occasional negative reviews from some of the traders. Some of them question the credibility but somehow the exact reason for the negative response is not provided by most of them.

Here is what some of the negative feedbacks about the platform:

  • The inability to trade in some countries;
  • Some problems with registration, which are isolated cases;
  • Trading at a loss.

The last point annoys users of the Binomo mobile application the most, which is understandable. The withdrawal of funds may not be available to only those customers who were blocked on the site for violating the rules of the “User Agreement”. In most cases, the trader’s lack of awareness about how the system works or how to trade is the cause of their frustration with Binomo. People who find this as an extra source of income are more likely to have a fruitful and positive outlook towards Binomo.

Real Binomo app reviews

how do they speak about the binomial app

Here are some reviews posted by some genuine users.

David: «Hello! Thanks to the Binomo app for the opportunity to practice and test the site in a free demo account. Chat works great. They answer all questions in a timely manner».

Saurabh Patel Dev:  «Good afternoon! I’ll say, as a beginner, that this platform is quite suitable for such users. Since it is especially not necessary to delve into everything. The program will do this for you».

Joseph Anto: «This platform is the easiest and most convenient. Thanks  binomo.com. Here you can really earn some extra cash. There are tons of strategies in the instructions. So Binomo rocks».

Suhel Patel: «The app is so convenient and easy to use. Helps me make an extra income in my spare time».


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  1. Polo

    You can trade on the mobile app on Binomo as profitably as on a PC, only first practice on a demo account so that you have the experience and dexterity to open trades quickly.

  2. Gerin

    For a long time I worked exclusively on the web version, but I recently switched to the binomo application. The functionality is quite decent, and you can work from almost anywhere

  3. Firecool

    I’ve had no problems with the Binomo app. I downloaded it once and still trade like a breeze.

  4. Saitan

    I downloaded the Binomo app, opened an account, funded $300, and boosted my account to $760 in a month. I think, it’s not bad for a beginner. By the way, the app is really convenient, the platform is simple, so you can use Binomo to make money on your phone any time. Of course, you’d better trade on weekdays because the forex does not work on weekends.

  5. Lenon

    All in all, it’s a four-star app. I like everything except the slow internet. It’s hard to work with a weak Internet signal.

  6. Patrick

    I installed the binomo application and tried trading on it. The trading went well. The application is user-friendly, loads quickly, and there is functionality to set indicators, so you can also do high-quality market analysis on it. Now l often trade from my phone on binomo. I love with mobile trading l am not tied to a specific location. And l trade from anywher there is internet.