MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a web based exchanging stage most popular for theorizing on the forex showcase. Accessible for download on Mac, Windows, and versatile applications, it’s offered by most representatives in 2020. Here we’ll disclose how to exchange on the MetaTrader 4 framework, just as going through master counsels (EAs), demo records, instructional exercises, and backing. MetaQuotes Software, the engineers behind MetaTrader 4, discharged the stage in 2002. It’s since experienced various emphasess, with the 2005 rendition giving it genuine footing in the web based exchanging network. It’s presently so well known specialists offer the stage as an option in contrast to their restrictive programming. Today the MetaTrader 4 stage isn’t only well known among forex brokers. The product is utilized for exchanging prospects, CFDs, stocks, items, and cryptographic forms of money, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP).

Advantages of MT4

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The MetaTrader 4 stage is a trusted and well known exchanging stage universally. A large number of forex dealers utilize its broad highlights, to such an extent that it has become a benchmark in online forex exchanging. MetaTrader 4 was created by MetaQuotes Software Corp in 2005. It is a multi-resource exchanging stage, where one can exchange forex, CFDs, items, stocks and records. For a long time currently, presumed merchants have been offering MT4 to their customers as an option in contrast to their own restrictive exchanging stages. MT4 gives progressed diagnostic capacities, multi-gadget operability and robotized exchanging capacities. In addition, the framework has an easy to understand interface and gives adequate chances to dealers of all ability and experience levels.

Here’s a glance at the 5 significant focal points MT4 forex exchanging brings to the table.

  1. Constant Access to Market Prices and Liquidity

MT4 permits brokers to get to forex cites progressively and execute exchanges. The monetary forms and whatever other protections that a merchant decides to exchange through a representative are recorded in the “Market Watch” window. Alongside the security image, the continuous offer/ask quote is additionally shown.

  1. Specialized and Fundamental Analysis Tools of All Levels

With an enormous number of in-assembled specialized pointers and graphing capacities, MT4 offers broad apparatuses for value investigation. There are more than 30 in-constructed specialized pointers on this stage, including significant pattern and volume devices like Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), On-Balance Volume (OBV), Fibonacci Retracements and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Merchants can see boundless graphs one after another, and every money pair can be shown in 9 distinctive time spans, from one-moment to month to month interims. Extra graphs can be sourced from the MQL4 people group, while numerous brokers fabricate their own pointers as well. Top to bottom outline investigation, numerical instruments and attracting objects prepare dealers to break down value exercises of any multifaceted nature. Also, these diagrams can be modified broadly to suit every dealer’s prerequisites. They can be spared by various dealer profiles. Brokers can conjecture value developments, distinguish backing and obstruction levels, characterize section and leave focuses and set stop-misfortune levels, all legitimately from the outlines. Alarms can be set, in light of the arrival of major monetary information or budgetary news. Also, brokers have the choice to redo access to information pertinent to a specific market.

  1. Numerous Trading Orders for High Flexibility

There are various sorts of exchanging requests and execution modes, permitting merchants to make and actualize their preferred system. MT4 permits two market requests and four kinds of pending requests. Furthermore, three sorts of exchange execution modes offer merchants a high level of adaptability. Hazard the board techniques are significant to forex exchanging achievement. In MT4, there are 2 kinds of stop orders, take benefit request and trailing stops, to limit drawback dangers. A stop-misfortune request naturally shuts a position when the market moves toward the path inverse to the conjecture. Take-benefit permits brokers to secure an ideal degree of additions and close the position, when value contacts the pre-characterized level. It is anything but difficult to put in these requests. Requests can be propelled legitimately from the graph or the “Toolbar” window. They can be effortlessly erased and altered also. Brokers can likewise see every other detail, for example, spread, contract size, edge cash and edge rate from this window. Also, the “Profundity of Market” highlight educates merchants regarding ongoing business sector action. For example, the quantity of purchase or sell orders for a money pair at various costs can be found in the market profundity segment. This gives a thought with respect to advertise opinion. On the off chance that the data uncovers that offer side liquidity is more than the offer side liquidity, the general pattern can be viewed as bullish for a cash pair. There for the most part are higher odds of requests being filled at the present costs when there is expanded liquidity. This could be critical for momentary exchanging procedures like scalping.

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  1. Vigorous Security and High Stability for Peace of Mind

MT4 is viewed as an exceptionally secure and stable stage. Information trade between customer terminals and servers is encoded through a 129-piece key, while the stage additionally bolsters RSA advanced marks. The IPs of brokers are covered up too. Every one of these highlights empower merchants to perform financial exchanges in a safe situation. They can stay guaranteed that their exchanging records will remain secured against digital hoodlums. Fast exchange execution and solidness of the stage permit merchants to exchange with negligible negative slippage. Merchants can get to MT4 from different gadgets, for example, cell phones, tablets and work areas, which empower them to exchange in a hurry too. The portable form has all the functionalities offered by the work area adaptation, including intuitive graphs, a full arrangement of requests and specialized examination instruments. Portable MT4 likewise has extra highlights, for example, pop-up messages and visit usefulness. All things considered, the MT4 stage is perfect for the contraption benevolent, youthful market members of today.

  1. Computerized Trading Option for Experts

Master merchants can send robotized exchanging techniques through MT4 Expert Advisors (EA). Computerized exchanging permits dealers to use showcase developments with no intercession on their part, just as with no human inclination. In addition, the MQL4 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) permits dealers to make their own EAs and specialized pointers. Subsequent to making an EA, the methodology can be back tried and improved on the framework’s Strategy Tester. Redone EAs have helped master dealers make and convey their own procedures. MT4 additionally lets brokers monetise their methodologies, by distributing them on the MQL5 codebase or “Commercial center.” Traders can win from their programming abilities, since the MQL4 language is very easy to ace. MetaTrader 4 is a profoundly flexible stage. Its USPs are its high level of adaptability and customisation alternatives. With unending specialized instruments, easy to use controls, instructive assets and demo-testing capacities, MT4 stays a mainstream exchanging stage for tenderfoots and veterans the same.

How to trade on Metatrader 4?

The Basics

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To make an exchange, select ‘apparatuses’ and afterward ‘new request’. This will take you to the request window. On the other hand, utilize the console easy route F9. The request window can seem threatening, yet the segments are direct:

Image – Here you can pick between business sectors, for instance, forex, gold, or stock lists, for example, the S&P 500

Volume – Decide on your exchange size – what number of parts or CFDs would you like to exchange? Note, 1 parcel is equivalent to 100,000 units of the base cash

Type – Choose ‘moment execution’ to put an exchange when you hit ‘purchase’ or ‘sell’. On the other hand, decide on ‘pending request’ to choose where an exchange is opened

Stop-misfortune – This hazard the board device will confine the size of misfortunes, consequently following pips and finishing off exchanges when they arrive at a set level

Take-benefit – This does likewise for benefits, which means exchanges are consequently left when benefits hit a specific point

Remark – Here you can leave exchange analysis, which you might need to add to your exchanging diary, for instance

Slippage – You can restrain slippage through the ‘deviation’ setting

Observing and Closing Positions

Head to the MetaTrader 4 terminal by choosing ‘view’ and afterward ‘terminal’. Presently click ‘exchange’. From here, you can leave a situation by choosing the ‘x’ to one side of the benefit section. You can likewise alter stops and cutoff points by right-tapping on the position or pending request you’d prefer to change, and choosing ‘adjust’.


To draw on diagrams, select the item you’d like from the toolbar and snap on the outline. To alter the time span on a value graph, right-click on the outline and hit ‘time span’. You would then be able to browse the drop-down menu:

  • M1 (1 moment)
  • M5 (5 moment)
  • M10 (10 moment)
  • M15 (15 moment)
  • M30 (30 moment)
  • H1 (60 minutes)
  • H4 (4 hour)
  • D1 (1 day)
  • MN (multi month)

Markers and Add-ons

how to trade on metatrader 4

On the 30 implicit specialized pointers, there are a huge number of extra diagram markers that can be downloaded from MetaTrader’s Code Base and Market. The Elliot Wave pointer, Bollinger Bands, and rotate focuses are only a couple of models. Outsider additional items permit dealers to begin programming the MetaTrader 4 stage to suit their exchanging style. Secrecy Orders and Alarm Manager are two well known models. Secrecy Orders anonymises exchanges while Alarm Manager gives a window to organize cautions and warnings. You can likewise utilize Java API to assemble augmentations onto the MetaTrader 4 stage. Figuring out how to exchange off the MetaTrader 4 stage can feel overwhelming to begin with, yet the stunt is practice. For additional day exchanging direction, including methodologies, see here.

MT4 Trading Simulator

The Trading Simulator changes over the MT4 technique analyzer into an instrument for rehearsing manual exchanging utilizing noteworthy information. You can utilize the Simulator to test how well you would have fared under specific memorable economic situations – and additionally to check how well your preferred pointers would have guided you previously.

What brokers use metatrader 4

As our merchants list beneath appears, most huge authentic suppliers offer MetaTrader 4, especially in built up forex markets, for example, the UK, USA and Europe:

  • Admiral Markets
  • Trading 212
  • IC Markets
  • ZuluTrade
  • AvaTrade
  • 24option
  • Oanda
  • FXCM
  • FxPro
  • XTB
  • XM
  • IG

What is the difference between metatrader 4 and 5

MetaTrader 4 turned out in 2005, offering a clear stage, predominately for online forex exchanging. The point of the MetaTrader 5 framework, discharged in 2010, was to give merchants a ground-breaking and far reaching multi-resource stage. How at that point, do the two of them look at and what are the distinctions? Both MetaTrader 4 and 5 take into consideration customisation, portable exchanging, and robotized exchanging. Be that as it may, with regards to investigation, the MT5 framework has 38 specialized pointers while the MT4 server has 30, albeit both contain well known EMA, b-clock and crisscross markers. The MT5 stage offers 21 time periods versus MT4’s nine. Furthermore, the MT5 programming has more drawing devices than its forerunner, including a further developed Elliot Wave marker. By and large, MetaTrader 5 successes on investigation. With regards to robotized exchanging, both are magnificent decisions. Be that as it may, key contrasts are that MQL5 is believed to be simpler to use than MQL4 and MQL4 chips away at a request framework while MQL5 follows a positional framework. Regarding exchanging and arranges, both offer comparative execution models. Be that as it may, with regards to pending requests, MetaTrader 4 has four request types to MetaTrader 5’s six. Both MT4 and MT5 merchants can utilize MultiTerminal to deal with numerous exchanging accounts. So would it be a good idea for you to utilize MetaTrader 4 or 5? For learners or those essentially intrigued by forex, MetaTrader 4 is the conspicuous decision. Dealers needing extra, modern devices may favor the MetaTrader 5 stage. Generally speaking however, the MetaTrader 4 framework will address the issues of most merchants and remains the most well known decision.

MT4 demo account

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The MetaTrader 4 demo account is a great method to take a stab at exchanging the XAU/USD pair, for instance, before gambling genuine cash. The usefulness is fundamentally the same as that of a genuine live record, with the exception of you utilize virtual cash. The login procedure is the equivalent, you can at present access verifiable information and pointers, in addition to duplicate exchanging is accessible through Signals. Master Advisors can likewise be utilized on demo accounts. With regards to how to open a MetaTrader 4 demo account, essentially select demo from the new record alternatives.

How to add money to mt4 demo account

Sign in to your FxPro Address, go to ‘My Accounts,’ pick ‘Attach Funds’ and click on the prototype account heading. Please pick the number you like (500 – 500,000) and your test account balance will be changed immediately on your trading site.

MetaTrader 4 app

The MetaTrader 4 application lets you keep up total exchanging control from your telephone, without settling on usefulness. Portable dealers will discover three kinds of diagrams, 9 time allotments, 30 specialized pointers, showcase news, in addition to a talk box to collaborate with different merchants. For Android clients, the MT4 APK record is accessible to download from the Google Play Store. The MT4 portable application is likewise good with iPhones, iPads, and a few Windows gadgets, including Windows Phone 8.1. ‘The most effective method to introduce’ aides and instructional exercises with download guidelines can be found on the individual application stores.

How to use metatrader 4 for beginners

When you’ve downloaded the free stage, register for another record and sign in with your login qualifications. You would then be able to customize the MetaTrader 4 stage, from graph set-ups to picking between the light and dull mode. Subtleties of exchanging costs, commissions and spreads are regularly featured when you join. Some new clients are astonished to see trade expenses charged against their record every day. For those asking ‘what is a trade?’, it’s advantage charged or got toward the finish of each exchanging day, in view of your position. Head to the terminal to see your record parity and edge levels. In the event that you need more assets to meet an influence necessity, an ‘insufficient cash’ blunder will show up when you place an exchange. With regards to how to store and pull back assets, essentially select ‘store’ or ‘pull back’ from your record region. At that point look over the installment choices accessible. Installment charges differ between representatives, however there is ordinarily a free alternative. Store and withdrawal installment times rely upon the representative and strategy chose.


MetaTrader 4 is the most well known online retail exchanging stage. The product is open by means of a download or through an internet browser. It guarantees an abundance of apparatuses to help specialized investigation while making computerized exchanging promptly open. It’s obvious then that MetaTrader 4 routinely beat client surveys, addressing the necessities of both the apprentice and propelled dealer.

Reviews of Traders

what brokers use metatrader 4


“Best FX software. Programming the EA’s is super easy and can be transferred to different programs. Trading off the charts is great and the reports are fantastic as well. Only downside is there is no mobile trading app yet at my broker.”


“Great platform for forex with loads of tools and a strong online community. Fully extendible to suit your needs with the metatrader language mql4 and you can even write your own dll’s too.”


“MT4/MT5 is a solid charting and trading platform, especially when it comes to FX trading. One minor complaint is that you can’t trade nano lots and the interface does leave some to be desired as it feels a bit outdated, but I do love how quick and easy it is to navigate the UI and modify orders. I currently don’t know anyone who uses MT5 exclusively, but that may change in time once support and broker availability improves. Another consideration is the massive codebase for MT4, which is much larger than the MT5 at the moment. Unfortunately, the two are not fully compatible, so it seems it may take a while for MT5 to catch up, despite the modern look and feel compared to its predecessor.”

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