Binomo bonus: what you should know


Today, in this article, we’ll be looking into Binomo bonuses.  This is one of the interesting offers set up by the company to specially for traders. Therefore, in order for trading to bring more additional income, we will tell you what types of bonuses are on the Binomo platform and how to use them.

So, without further ado…

binomo bonus

Binomo no-deposit bonuses

Binomo offers several bonus promotions and programs. One of the conditions for receiving them is the no-deposit bonuses offer.

Binomo no-deposit bonus is usually credited to a user’s account based on promotions by the company. Personal managers also have the right to exclusively gift Gold and VIP account holders no-deposit bonuses.

Bonus code

One way to get Binomo bonuses is through bonus codes. With these codes, you get to save on capital and, in turn, increase your potential income. 

One way to get Binomo bonus codes is to hunt for them on the platform’s website within the company’s proposals. You can also join the Binomo client loyalty program. Being a member of this program will open you up to several favorable deals and promotions. 

Once you have your code, you can then go on to a website to redeem it. But, how can you do that? 

Binomo bonus coupon

Binomo bonus coupons are what you use in redeeming the bonuses the company has in stock for its members. These coupons can only be used upon fund deposits. This coupon gives a nice addition to the amount of any deposit and can be activated with a minimum deposit of $10.

How to correctly use bonuses?

To activate a Binomo coupon, you’d have to deposit. During the deposit process, you’d be allowed to add your bonus coupon code before finally clicking the “deposit” button to complete the process. 

Instructions on how to use Binomo bonus coupon:

  1. Go to “Cashier” and then “Deposit funds”. 
  2. Choose the bank card or e-wallets for deposit and indicate the required amount.
  3. Сlick on the “Coupon add” link and enter the code in the required column. 
  4. Сlick on the “Deposit” button.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in activating this bonus.

Deposit bonuses

Binomo is a great platform, especially to its first-time users. First and subsequent deposits on the platform are usually followed by nice bonuses. Depending on the type of account you run, you could be getting bonuses of up to 200% on every deposit you make. 

Like the no-deposit bonus offer, Binomo deposit bonuses can only be withdrawn after the fulfillment of the company’s mandatory trading turnover requirements. (We’ll discuss more on turnovers in the latter part of this article).

Meanwhile, below are the available deposit bonuses on each Binomo account:

  • up to 100% on a Standard account;
  • up to 150% on a Gold account;
  • up to 200% on a VIP account.

The first deposit bonus is worth mentioning separately. Every novice trader gets 25% free first deposit bonuses.



Cashback is also available for users of this platform as well. They’re a sort of payoff given on traders’ losses during the week. Cashbacks are calculated based on the trader’s loss, only, vis a vis the invested capital. 

To calculate your cashback for the week, add your balance at the end of the week to the total amount of withdrawals. Subtract this outcome from the total amount of deposits in a week. Your result would be your cashback for the week. 

Cashbacks for the whole week are credited automatically to your Binomo wallet every Monday. Below is the available cashback on Binomo:

  • up to 5% on Gold accounts; 
  • up to 10% on VIP accounts.

Standard account holders are however not eligible for this cashback.

VIP bonuses

Being the highest account on the platform, Binomo offers its VIP account holders some exclusive offers and bonuses. These Binomo free bonuses include the following:

  • up to 200% bonuses on deposit;
  • correct forecasts raise returns of up to 90%; 
  • weekly up to 10% cashback on losses for the week.

Binomo bonus terms and conditions

Bonus offers must first be activated before it can be used. Also, the no-deposit bonus can only be withdrawn after you must have fulfilled all the requirements for the mandatory trading turnover. 

Trading turnover is the amount of funds you earn on trades after your bonus has been activated. This means if you make a deposit of, say, $20 and trade an asset with a profitability rate up to 80%, your bonus turnover will be calculated based on your traded asset’s profitability. So, in this case, your turnover will be 80% of your $20 investment capital. And that’d be $16. 

Break-even—no earnings investments are, however, an exception to this. In this case, there’s something called a “tie trade” (no loss, no extra income). This means the value at the opening of the trade stays the same until it closes, and would be credited back into your account afterward. 

Remember that bonuses are good, but don’t forget that trading is a risk. And to minimize the risk from trading, you need not bonuses, but knowledge and experience.

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