Binomo Investment and Trading Platform in South Africa Review


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Owned and operated by Dolphin Corp registered under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Binomo investment platform is a trusted name in South Africa as well as over 130 countries around the globe. Operational since 2014, the Binomo trading platform offers a wide range of assets to the traders and has several reliable features. The platform enables the users to trade in more than 55 assets such as commodities, currency pairs, equities, indices, etc. Binomo platform has more than 900k daily active online traders as well as witnesses more than 30m trades each week. But how the trading platform works and what are its main advantages? We will tell you about everything in our Binomo broker review.

What is Binomo in South Africa?

binomo south africa

Binomo in South Africa is a trusted platform to help get extra income. It offers high-quality services to the traders, and the services of Binomo are appreciated by the International Finance Commission. The Binomo investment and trading platform has a user-friendly interface with advanced financial tools allowing professional and new traders to trade. 

Binomo trade platform offers high speed of operation, tools to analyze the market, prompt withdrawals, and efficient support service. In addition to this, the Binomo company offers various attractive features like trade requirements, tutorials, and free training on demo account. To use the platform, visit the official website or download the Binomo app and register yourself to get engaged in doing the real trades, tournaments and promotions. With the above information, it must be clear now what Binomo trade is.

Certificate and Licensing 

Binomo broker is Category “A” member of The Financial Commission since 2018. This means the platform is reliable and guarantees its traders high-quality trade services. Additionally, the platform offers transparency of relationships and the protection of an independent professional organization. Apart from this, the platform has successfully passed an audit by Verify My Trade (VMT) and has received a certificate for the quality of trades. 

Contact and Support

Being able to access the platform with queries is essential, especially for new traders. If you have any problem, Binomo resolves it quickly and efficiently. The platform offers 24/7 customer support with live chat functionality and you can even contact Binomo by email at There is a Binomo address as well on the website. Effective customer support also proves the reliability of the company. 

binomo demo account

Demo Account

Binomo comes with an easy-to-use and fully accessible demo account that allows new traders to learn how to use the investment platform to earn extra income as well as improve the trading skills without making any investments. When you sign up at the Binomo platform, you get access to a free demo account with a virtual of $10000. Demo account offer most of the functions available in the real account. Use it, improve your trading skill, and then switch to a real account for some serious trade.

Tips Binomo

Online trading is subject to market risks. There are no traders who have never faced losses, but there are those who are disappointed in trading after losing deposit. If you do not want to be the latter, then there are tips Binomo offers you. 

  1. Patience – It is tempting to open a real account, replenish a deposit and start trading. But wait, take your time to research and get to know different areas of trading.
  2. Use a demo account – The best way to learn the skills of trading on Binomo is to use the demo account which is free. Try the strategies that work best for you.  
  3. Knowledge is the key – Adequate knowledge is the key to success in any form of trading and Binomo offers you practice and free tutorials (Help Center, Strategies sections, Glossary of Terms). Also, there are videos with detailed guidelines to help you learn the realm of trading. You can also visit the Binomo website and thematic forums to get more details. 


The strategies are available only in the web version of the Binomo platform. There are various methods to conduct trades that have been verified by lots of traders. The Binomo trading strategies include pathfinder, market convergence/divergence with the RSI, trading on Fibonacci levels, Elder’s Triple Screen, Bollinger Breakdown, Night Channel, Technical Indicators, and more. However, before you use any of these strategies, it is important to distinguish the market condition. The ability to understand whether the market is ranging or trending will help you choose the right trading strategy. 

If you are looking for a winning strategy, then I want to disappoint you. Traders do not play on the platform, but earn additional income from their trading skills and experience.

Note! Binomo does not provide 100% successful strategies. Each trade needs its own strategy.


binomo tournament

Binomo is a reliable trading platform in the financial sector and regularly holds tournaments as well. The Binomo tournaments are a great way to test your skills before starting trading. One can find the tournament by clicking on the trophy icon located to the left of the chart. The tournaments are either paid or free, and have unique prize pools. However, you need to sign up for the tournament in advance. For more information on tournaments please click here:

How to Close Account 

If you no longer want to use the Binomo trading platform you can block your account. Visit on your laptop or PC. Click on Login and then at the very bottom of the page check Block your account box and confirm the action by entering the password and your reason for blocking the account. Now click on the Block Account button and wait for the message on the screen that says the account is blocked. 

If you want to return, you can unblock the account by contacting the support team at


The Binomo affiliate program allows you to attract traders to the platform and get extra income based on their trading activity. The affiliate program is known as BinPartner that offers you up to 70% of the revenue from every attracted client, weekly payments, unique promo materials on-demand, 5% referral bonus, and CPA/CPL available. Start earning extra funds now, sign up takes just 10 seconds.


If you are looking for a reliable and certified online trading platform in South Africa, then Binomo trading platform is the one. It has all the features and offers 24/7 hours support to both beginners and pro. Furthermore, there is no fee for deposits and withdrawals, thus attracting more traders to use the trading platform. With the above review, it is clear that you should try Binomo today and start to get additional income. However, with all the positive points, there are risks of losing part or all of the deposit if the forecast is incorrect.


Why are some assets not available?

The platform offers over 55 assets, but some assets may not be available as it depends on your account type. For example, 20+ assets are available for a demo account, more than 40 assets for Standard, more than 50 assets for Gold, and more than 55 assets for VIP. 

How to trade on Binomo?

Trading is conducted on a real account. Select your account type, deposit the sum and start trading. If your forecast of the price movement on the chart is correct, then you will receive additional income.

How do I verify my identity?

To proof your identity, please send a scan of your ID (front and back) or passport to Make sure your first and last name are clearly visible.

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