What is Binomo?

Bill24 yêu cầu 3 years trước
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Binomo is a trading platform for earning on changing exchange rates, the value of stocks and indices, goods and other assets.
When developing functionalities and the latest improvements, the interests of clients are taken into account so that when trading at any level of training they are comfortable and the process itself brings them profit.
The work of Binomo is regulated by an independent body of the Central Financial Markets Service (Certificate RU 0395 AA V0132), which makes us one of the safest exchange brokers located in the CIS markets. The company is in the regulator’s compensation fund, which may indicate that all market risks of Binomo clients are protected under Russian law.
Also, the company is a member of category “A” of the International Finance Commission, which can be considered a guarantee for Binomo clients of the quality of services, transparency of relations, protection of a neutral and independent company to resolve disputes.

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