How to withdraw money from a trading account?

How to withdraw money from a trading account?Category: Question-englHow to withdraw money from a trading account?
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Money can be withdrawn to a card or wallet when used, to replenish the balance of your account inside the platform. If you can’t withdraw money using the replenishment details, you can use a different method convenient for you (https://binomo/payouts), but in a mandatory case, the card with the wallet should belong to you personally.
The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 dollars (10 euros) or the amount equivalent to 10 dollars in translation into foreign currency on your account. In some states, these options may be less. To find out the minimum withdrawal amount in your country, you should contact client support by e-mail
If you have made money to replenish your trading account with a bank card, then in addition to the usual withdrawal process, you can request a refund. In this case, you need to request support from the email For the implementation of this return, the following conditions must be met simultaneously:
sufficient funds are available on the trading account to effect a refund;
there are no active bonuses on the trading account.
Also, Binomo has the right to make a refund without notifying the client in a situation where, according to Binomo, this operation is endowed with signs of fraud.

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