What are bonus funds?

What are bonus funds?Category: Question-englWhat are bonus funds?
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This is the money credited by Binomo to clients’ trading accounts to increase their trading potential. These funds are credited taking into account the conditions of bonus or promotional programs launched on the Binomo website.
Replenishment of the trade deposit at the expense of bonus cash occurs in the following cases:
welcome bonus during the first replenishment of a trading account;
bonus when replenishing an account;
payment under the terms of the transaction insurance system;
prize for winning the competition held by Binomo.
Changes in the conditions of promotional programs and the amount of bonuses accrued on the current offers of Binomo. Bonus funds are credited for one banking day from the time when the trader has taken any action, according to the results of which he is entitled to receive bonus funds. If, after the bonus has been accrued, the client is going to withdraw all the money from his trading account that he will need to make the necessary trade turnover in advance.
The trade turnover begins to be calculated from the moment when bonus funds are credited to the client’s trading account. The entire amount of profit received by the client in the framework of using the bonus on his trading account will be considered his property and can be withdrawn.
When a client deposits a no deposit bonus, he is entitled to withdraw bonus funds with the profit received in the process of using it.
The most detailed information on the conditions for crediting bonus funds and their withdrawal from the trading account can be found by contacting Binomo client support.

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