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Today, online trading has become a common practice in many countries. However, finding a reliable and secure platform is still tricky. If you have not yet decided on the choice of a broker, you should pay attention to Binomo. In this review, we will explain the benefits of this platform and why it is the best choice for any trader.

Briefly about what Binomo is

The international company created by Dolphin Corp first offered its services in 2014. Since then, it has multiplied and is now accessible in more than 130 countries, such as Pakistan, India, Brasil, etc. The company is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and its head office is also located there.

Binomo has secured a strong position among the world’s best trading platforms. Its users have access to both an easy-to-navigate website and a handy app. English, Hindi, and Portuguese are just a few examples of languages the platform supports (13 in total).

No agents are needed to use the Binomo trading platform. You need to control your funds and open trades yourself.

What makes Binomo the best choice

One of the reasons why Binomo is so popular among traders is that it offers many benefits. Let’s take a closer look at them:

A large number of tools are available on Binomo for your trading education. They include video tutorials and pop-up tips along with the Help Center (FAQ section), a section with in-depth explanations of strategies, and a free demo account for practice. These tools allow you not only to understand how the platform works but also to improve trading skills.

Many other trading platforms on the market require lengthy registration procedures that may take days to complete. However, Binomo offers a quick process that involves you adding an email and password or using Facebook/Google account. After confirming your email, you can log in to the platform and start trading on a demo account.

  • Small investment

The best part is that the minimum deposit amount is $10, and the trade entry threshold is only $1. The platform offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods and a high speed of processing a withdrawal request (from 4 hours).

No special education is needed for trading on Binomo, and any user can achieve profitability of up to 90% if he studies and practices.

Additional features

Apart from the demo account, another excellent characteristic of the Binomo platform is the user-friendly interface and practical navigation. To help users trade effectively, it also has several advanced analysis tools along with an economic calendar.

Additionally, providing a chatbot enables improved customer satisfaction levels. The variety of tournaments also stands out. Let’s examine these features more closely.

Free training account

Binomo offers four different types of accounts (Demo, Standard, Gold, and VIP). Even though all of them have their pros, it is recommended to start with the first one. A demo account was created for unlimited practice with virtual funds. Using real charts, you can learn how to trade and develop strategies without risking real funds.


You can also use Binomo contests to evaluate learning progress and test your trading skills. In addition, tournaments allow earning extra income.

There are two types of tournaments offered by the Binomo platform: free and paid. The “Daily Free” contest is available to everyone, even demo account holders. To participate in paid competitions, you need to make a deposit on the platform.

Affiliate Program

Binomo provides an alternative way to get additional income if you aren’t yet prepared to begin trading. Join the affiliate program to receive a share of the income of the traders you refer to the platform. You can find the program terms at

The Help Center

The Help Center has all the information about what Binomo is and how it works. The section can be called Wikipedia on trading because there, you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions from users.

If the answer from the Help Center did not satisfy you, contact the team of experts at You can also ask inquiries of the chatbot, which supports several languages, including English and Hindi.

Reviews about Binomo

The Binomo platform has numerous positive user reviews on renowned forums like Quora. The company also holds a positive reputation on Linkedin.

Here are some comments about Binomo you may come across on the web:

Najiba Akbar: “I was skeptical when I made my first investment in Binomo. However, upon receiving my first income, I was amazed at how much potential this broker holds. I recommend all traders to use Binomo”.

Imran Ashraf: “I want to thank Binomo for introducing the free demo account. With its help, I have learned how to trade and have multiplied my deposit”.

Hania Imran: “I have been using Binomo without any issue for a while. It is the best choice for traders looking to earn extra income in Pakistan”.

Make the right choice and join Binomo

After analyzing the features and benefits of Binomo, we can conclude that the trading platform is the best choice for traders of all skill levels. However, it is crucial to understand that you might lose some or all of the investment if the forecast is incorrect. Only your knowledge and practice will help to reduce losses and get additional income.

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