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The trade fusion is an automated binary options trading software that seeks to offer traders with the opportunity to earn from binary options trading without needing to devote all their time in front of their computers.

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The software was developed by one named Timothy Marcus. It is available online and contrary to most trading robots, the trade fusion requires traders to register for accounts on its official website where the traders can access the trade fusion services anytime. This gives the traders the flexibility of accessing the software from any device at any time and from anywhere.

Traders can use the software to get trading signals or they can set it to trade on their behalf.

Is Trade Fusion a Scam?

The feeling of generating income from binary options without going through the headaches of speculating the markets yourself is great. However, it is always important that you do a thorough review of the trading software that you intend to use to find out if it is a scam or not. That is why we have done a comprehensive fusion trading platform review, to help you in making your decisions about using it or not.

fusion trading platform review

In our review about the fusion trading platform, we found a video on its website with Timothy Marcus, who claims to be the CEO of the company behind trade fusion claiming that the software has a success score of 92.3%.

According to Marcus, Trade fusion should give traders thousands of dollars in a week. Traders are given a 90 days trial period during which they use the software to trade on their live accounts.

However, upon researching the CEO, Timothy Marcus, we could not find any details about him. We were also not able to authenticate his claims in the video that the software is being used by some banks like Golmand Sachs, Barclays and Morgan Stanley.

In the video, Marcus also claims to be the producer of CNBC’s Futures Now segment. Unfortunately, it was hard to prove this since there is no information about this anywhere.

Marcus also claims that the software comes at a free cost for the first 90 days. However, we found out that once you create an account with their platform, you are required to deposit at least $250 with a broker of their choice for you to be allowed to use the software.

You should, therefore, be careful about this software because, despite the promise of great returns, there is very scanty information about its real developers or any of the claims about it. You may also find it very difficult to locate its official website online.

How Much Does Trade Fusion Cost?

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Although the CEO of the Trade Fusion systems company claims it is 100% free, we established that once you create an account with them, you will be required to invest a minimum of $250 with a broker that from their list.

Therefore, you will need at least $250 to be able to use this software.

How Does Trade Fusion Work?

According to its developers, once you create an account on its official website and deposits the minimum of $250, the software starts to generate trading signals which you can act on to place trades. You could also decide to set the software to place the trades on your behalf.

For the software to work, you will have to first create a binary options trading strategy by setting up the parameters you want the software to use in generating the signals. This gives you the ability to customize the software in any ware you may want.

The trade fusion system is supposed to eliminate the human aspect in trading binary options by taking over the process of analyzing the market and giving signals without your help. In so doing, the software eliminates some of the human errors which may come due to fear, stress or greed.

Login and sign in

trading waves fusion login

To use the trade fusion, you will need to access its official website and subscribe for membership by creating an account on it.

Once you create an account on trade fusion platform, you will be required to create an account with one of the recognized brokers (that is if you already do not have an account with them). You should then fund the trading account with a minimum initial deposit of $250.

The trade fusion application will be automatically triggered after the trading account is loaded with a minimum of $250.  You should then customize the software according to your specifications and let it do the work for you.

Every time you want to use the software, you will have to access your account on the trade fusion website through the fusion trader login.

Special Features

fusion trader review

In our fusion trader review, we identified some special features claims about the software from the website.

  • The CEO of trade fusion systems company, Timothy Marcus, claims that the software has a 92.3% winning ratio.
  • The system can be customized to either generate trading signals or to place the binary options trades automatically on your behalf.
  • In case of any question, there is live chat support.


fusion trader login
Automated binary options trading is great and it gives traders the thought of being financially independent. Traders looking for automated binary options software are basically after reducing the hustle that comes with manual binary options trading. However, it is important to understand that trading robots or automated trading software do not guarantee a 100% profit margin. Any binary options trading strategy, be it manual or automated, makes some losses once in a while.

Additionally, because traders are increasingly looking for automated trading software, scammers have flocked the market with fake software aimed at reaping trader off their hard-earned money by asking them to deposit money with a specific unregulated broker where traders cannot claim it from once the software website and that of the broker goes offline.

With that in mind, the above features about trade fusion may seem to be quite appealing. However, since we could not prove the authenticity of the information on their website, it would be advisable to be cautious about enrolling for the software.

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