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eSignal is one of the best charting platforms for traders. Today, we are going to review every feature of eSignal Advanced. We will talk about eSignal features, eSignal Trial account, and compare if eSignal is worth the money.

eSignal is more popular compared to its competitor, TC2000, because of its incredible speed and performance. Let’s get to know more about this platform in this detailed review.

What is eSignal?


eSignal is a product by a company name Intercontinental Exchange based in California USA. It is the same company that operates the NY Stock Exchange and ICE Futures Exchange. By seeing the portfolio of the company, you can imagine their software quality must be top-notch.

It is an advanced charting and trading platform designed for traders. The functionality of the software is to perform a technical analysis of a vast number of data. It is one of the best of its kind due to a wide range of features like endlessly customizable charts, advanced analytical tools, bulletproof stock scanner, market profile creation option, advanced volume analysis, automated system, and much more.

As a trading platform, eSignal can connect a trader to 50+ different brokers and execute trades directly from within the platform.

Let’s talk about some features of eSignal, it’s pricing, and much more.

Is eSignal Worth the Money?

esignal review

If you are an active trader and want all your actions to be taken from one place, then eSignal is definitely recommended for you. It is an affordable platform for traders who just started trading. It offers three package plans, including:

  1. Classic Plan for $54/month
  2. Signature Plan for $176/month
  3. Elite Plan for $359/month

In short, eSignal is definitely worth your money if you have listed your goals that you want to achieve with this platform.

Now, let’s check out a list of the best advantages of the eSignal platform.

Advantages of eSignal

eSignal platform offers numerous advantages, which makes it superior to its competitors. Here’re some most highlighted benefits of the platform.

  • One of the most highlighted advantages of eSignal is the customization of charts with a smooth and flexible resizing and scaling option.
  • The platform comes with extensive third-party add-ons and vendor brokerages or vendors.
  • Unlike its competitors, eSignal offers an extensive library of technical indicators and learning material. It can be accessed through the app store.
  • You can also access the software on mobile and tablets if subscribing to the Signature or Elite program. The feature is not available with the Classic Plan.
  • eSignal provides a wide range of educational videos and tutorials for beginner traders.

eSignal Pricing and Subscription

is esignal worth the money

Let’s examine each package plan in detail:

Classic Package Plan

It is a good deal at just $52/month, but the quotes are delayed by 15 minutes, which makes it a good use for active traders.

You can save up to 10% if you pay for a year’s membership upfront.

Signature Package Plan

As a day trader, the Signature plan for $176/month is a great deal. It provides a Chart with 100s of technical indicators. This plan doesn’t charge real-time exchange fees and offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

You can save up to 25% if you pay for a year’s membership upfront.

Elite Package with Advanced GET

It is the most advanced package for $359/month. It comes with free mentoring and education from industry experts. It offers a chart with 20+ exclusive technical Advanced GET indicators, GET volume DELTA, Extended History, and news features.

You can save up to 20% if you pay for a year’s membership upfront.

Now, let’s discuss the best feature for which the platform is popular, and that is Charts.

eSignal Charts

eSignal is an advanced charting platform

With eSignal, a trader can create a variety of charts from time frames to ranges to volume. Here’s the list of available options:

Time – It can be used to create charts for seconds, minutes, days, years, etc.

Volume – It can be used to create charts which represent X amount of shares traded

Range – It can be used to create charts that represent a certain price range move

Tick – It can be used to represents a certain amount of trades executed

These charts can be created with different styles. Here’s the list for all the available styles:

  • Chart Styles
  • Heiken Ashi
  • Bar
  • Candle
  • Point & Figure
  • Histogram
  • Line
  • Area
  • Kagi
  • Renko
  • Price Break

eSignal Screener

esignal trial
eSignal comes with a built-in stock scanner, which is called Market Screener Plus. It is a lightweight and powerful stock scanner. Like any smart and advanced screener like Portfolio123, you can create your own rules and guidelines. For example, you can create a rule to search for those stocks which have closed below their previous day’s close for consecutive four days. This rule can be called as 4 Day Loss.

The market scanner gives you complete freedom in creating your own rules. Similar to Market Screener Plus, you also get another feature called TradingView’s screener. This feature gives you a set of filters that you can use to interact with another filter. Filters can be referred to as a single entry from a one-day stock record to another day. When they interact with each other to provide charts, it is when this option is used.

eSignal Awards

Being the best in the industry, eSignal has won numerous awards and recognition, which can be seen on eSignal’s website. We are listing some of the best achievements by eSignal here:

  • Best Real-Time/Delayed Data: 16 times since 1993
  • Best End of Day Data: two times since 2006
  • Best Stock Trading System: 11 times since 1994
  • Best Futures Trading System: 12 times 1993

Pros and Cons

Now its time to summarize the review by listing things that we like or didn’t like about eSignal. Here’re are the pros and cons of eSignal.


  • Top-notch data quality with an outstanding reputation in the market
  • Most affordable option
  • Endlessly customizable with great features
  • Deep toolbox of drawing tools and indicators
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Mobile accessibility is available with Signature and Elite Plan.
  • Numerous charts styles available


Add-ons cost you extra, which makes plans more expensive. Each Add-on comes at a different price.

Final Thoughts

No other charting platform can compare itself with eSignal. With an endlessly customizable, easy-to-use, and lightweight software, eSignal has everything an active trader is looking for. It is a one-stop-shop for all functionalities a trader could ask for. It can go on a pricer side only if you need all add-ons. But it definitely worth the money.

Reviews of Traders:

eSignal is an all-in-one trading platform

Review # 1: Andrew 5/5

eSignal Rocks!

From my very first interaction with the company, to dealing with support issues, I have always found it very easy to work with eSignal.

Review # 2: George Algozzini 5/5

Great Service Provider

I have used eSignal for many years and have found it very accurate and easy to use.

Review # 3: Craign 4/5

Powerful platform

eSignal continues to be a mainstay analysis platform for all that I do in the markets. From alerts to great scanning the platform meets my heavy technical needs and is Integrated with my broker! I never need to leave it and can act right away on my ideas. It is worth the price as I have found that you get what you pay for typically.

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