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Binomo is an online trading platform. This platform is used by many traders, as it is recognized as the most regulated in the market.

Binomo income withdrawal features

The Binomo online trading platform is a large international company. This makes all its activities strictly comply with certain international requirements. In this case, it is possible to withdraw funds only to a payment system that was used to deposit funds to an existing trading account.

Attention! If the trader registered on the trading platform and made any deposit, the earned income will only be withdrawn using the same payment method.

The Binomo online trading platform accepts certain payment methods. Such payment methods include:

  1. bank cards;
  2. e-wallets.

As you can see, traders have quite a large choice of payment methods.

Among other features of Binomo income withdrawal that are worth mentioning are the subtleties of the rest formed application. When a trader creates a personal account, the resource according to the rules of the existing agreement shall have the right to request confirmation of personal data. That is, the account needs to be verified. This is one of the requirements of the international financial regulations.

How to withdraw your income from Binomo

But how does the withdrawal of funds from Binomo happen? In fact, there is nothing difficult here, and the service itself tries to quickly process applications for the earned income. Normally, the system withdraws the funds from the Deposit as soon as the day after the Binomo application is submitted. The payment may take up to 3 days depending on the withdrawal method.

Forming of an application

First of all, the trader will need to make an application. This approach is intended for everyone: when withdrawing previously deposited funds and when withdrawing income.

The application can be issued only in the trader’s personal account. For this purpose, it will be required:

  1. Go to the trading platform.
  2. Click on the section “Deposit”, which is located in the uppermost right corner of the trading platform.

    Note! Verification is carried out by all traders who operate licensed or certified accounts.

  3. After opening the link, go to the “Withdraw funds” line. It is located on the left.
  4. 4 Then, the trader will only need to fill in a few fields, which will take 2-3 minutes. Here it is necessary to specify the amount of withdrawal. Also, it is needed to mark the method of payment and write a comment (for example).

Nuances of filling

It is required to be careful when filling in each field. In the column “Amount of payment” it is necessary to specify the amount of money in the currency of the account that the trader plans to withdraw.

The “Method of withdrawal” field implies the choice of a specific payment system variant.  That is, when depositing funds in an account through bank cards, you can withdraw money using this variant.  If the deposit was made through other resources, then several ways will be available to the trader.

In the “Comment” column, Binomo’s client will need to choose one of several reasons for withdrawing funds.  Why should this information be specified? This information is required for statistics.

After filling in all the fields in the form, all that remains is to click on the “Send Request” button located at the bottom.  After that, the request is considered fully formed and sent to the Finance Department. As soon as the application is processed by specialists, the funds will be transferred to the user’s wallet.  If the trader is just starting to master this system, it is recommended to open a demo account. Such a training version on Binomo will allow you to get acquainted with all the features and instrumental resources of the site.


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