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Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas Hall. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2010. I have been trading on the stock market for more than 7 years. The markets I work with are Forex, American futures market CME Group, cryptocurrency markets and binary options.

I really hope that my advice and information accumulated over the years will help you avoid the mistakes that I had to make earlier, and not only me but also most traders. Therefore, I wish you good luck and growth!

Below you can find my articles.


MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a web based exchanging stage most popular for theorizing on the forex showcase. Accessible for download ...
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Scalping Strategies for Binary Options

Scalping or aggressive options trading with a minimum expiration period at minimum market price fluctuations has always been considered the ...
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Risks of options trading

The risks of options is quite a real phenomenon. The opportunity to receive a negative trade exists in any kind ...
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Trading binary options with minimal risk

Everyone can earn fabulous sums on the binary options exchange. However, do not forget about the risks as quickly losing ...
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Profitable indicators for binary options

Almost every trader is looking for the profitable binary options indicators. Nowadays there are many paid algorithms on the market, ...
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The New Signal Alert

For effective online trading on brokerage platforms, quality auxiliary tools are needed. Using the original signal indicator "The New Signal ...
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In today's ever-evolving digital world, there are so many cryptocurrencies available. We expect more to be created in the future ...
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BinBot Pro review

Speaking about BinBot Pro, it is generally a collection of various trade robots that are developed to help traders to ...
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eSignal Review – Everything You Need To Know

eSignal is one of the best charting platforms for traders. Today, we are going to review every feature of eSignal ...
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Signals365 Review

When it comes to becoming one of the best binary options traders, it is quite important to understand how to ...
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